I was trying to explain to my husband what I was clicking away at the keyboard about for the past year. “It’s not a diet,” I said. “It’s a book about how to change your waistline by changing your life. I want people to know that they don’t have to deprive themselves, give up everything they love to eat or do boring workouts in windowless rooms.”
       “That’s way too long for a title,” he answered.
       “I don’t know how to express it in just a few words so that people will know what I’m talking about.”
       My genius of a husband then asked, “What are two things most women you know would least like to give up?”
       Without hesitation I replied, “wine and chocolate.”
       That’s how The Wine and Chocolate Workout was born. Since I’ve had my children I have experimented with different ways to eat and exercise in order to “keep my figure” (as my mom used to say). Some were more successful than others. The two guilty pleasures I have never been able to sacrifice on the altar of the skinny jeans, however, are wine and chocolate. I have gone gluten free, white sugar, white flour, white rice and white pasta free, dairy free (well, almost), stopped eating processed foods, have given up diet coke (that was rough) and even played around with being a vegetarian—but wine and chocolate, never.
       As I’ve worked with clients over the years, I’ve realized that we all have our sacred cows. For some it’s macaroni and cheese, for others ice cream. Some just aren’t going to give up pizza and beer. When we force ourselves into a cookie cutter (no pun intended) weight reduction program that takes away all our favorite treats and, even worse, bores us to death with counting calories, treadmill workouts, and food that resembles roof shingles, how could we expect it to last? Over 90% of people who lose weight on this kind of regimen regain all their weight (plus change) within a two year period. Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. This book is about turning forbidden foods into fuel, thinking deeply about a seemingly shallow subject like weight loss and growing strong through our weaknesses.
       There are three things needed to change your life and your waistline: moderation, meditation and acceleration. Real food isn’t bad. It’s just some foods have to be eaten in moderation, like wine and chocolate. Your meditations about yourself and your life are more critical to reaching your goals than how much wine and chocolate you ingest. You have to get up off the couch and move to reach your dreams. Wine and chocolate can provide the energy you need for that acceleration. So, you see, wine and chocolate, far from being forbidden fruit, can actually be critical to your success. You just have to get the right perspective.