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Are you tired of:

Eating food that tastes like roof shingles?

Feeling like a fitness failure?

Diet and exercise theory information overload?

The social deprivation of being on a diet?

Forcing yourself to do painful and boring workout routines? 

Trying to shove your round self into someone else’s square hole?

Life is meant to be lived joyfully.

Are your attempts at being leaner and healthier making you miserable?

Fitness has to be enjoyable, or you’re not going to stick with it.


The foodie’s guide to a smaller waistline, bigger muscles, and a happier life in 12 simple steps

The Wine and Chocolate Workout will lead you in:

Shedding Fat Perspectives

Gaining Thin Thoughts

Living Strong

Finishing the Race

Read an excerpt from the book…

Plan your fitness story with a new and delicious, happy ending.

“Many studies have shown the benefits of dark chocolate and wine, but never has this information been so accurately and entertainingly packaged into a single fun and understandable book that will enable the reader to benefit.”

Douglas S. Harrington, M.D. and Estrella Harrington, founders of Guard a Heart


“Greta Boris takes her years of  experience in the health field and her expertise as a writer and brings them together in this fun read. The Wine and Chocolate Workout is chock full of great advice, interesting tidbits and, of course, wine and chocolate. I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to change their perspective.” 

Elise Cohen Ho, PhDc, HHP, NC


 “As an OBGYN, one of the most common questions I hear from women is, “How can I lose this weight?” I have recommended Greta Boris’s The Wine and Chocolate Workout to my patients who recognize they need to make a lifestyle change and aren’t just looking for a quick fix. The book offers a common-sense approach that is both healthy and realistic.”

 Marsha Granese, M.D.


Why do personal trainers get such great results with their clients? Sit back, have glass of wine, a piece of chocolate and learn their secrets without all the screaming.

Revised edition available now!

Carry the book in your boutique, chocolate shop, or wine tasting room and 10% goes to charity. Click here for more information.